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The 3rd edition of "Trail del Collio", an hilly trail running in Cormons (Gorizia, Italy) will include both the Collio-Brda region: the italian and slovenian part (near Dobrovo).
In 2015 we will be included in the Circuit of 5 major Italian Ecomarathons (as in 2014).
We're very happy to name this race "Ecomaratona Collio-Brda" and, of course, we're preparing a new route of about 44 km, with about 14 km in Slovenia.
In this project is now involved the Brda Tourism office and ... we hope you will like this!

You will find:
- 44 km Ecomaratona
- 21 km Trail
- 4, 6, 15 km not competitive

For further information please go to www.ecomaratonadelcollio.it and do not hesitate to contact me through this forum or private message.

Sporting Regards,
Michele Menotti
We are very happy to be included in a Challenge called "Trofeo Provincia di Gorizia". It collects some trails, cross and half marathon of Gorizia. Athletes can submit their subscription till the day of the race with 5 euros only. They will have a dedicated 8.5 km circuit.
Next weeks we will include some details in http://www.ecomaratonadelcollio.it website.
Sporting Regards,
I'd like to give you some details about Challenges/Circuits and "Ecomaratona del Collio-Brda 2015". All of our three races are included in one Challenge:

Ecomaratona del Collio-Brda 46km: Circuito ecomaratone d'Italia (5 best ecomarathons in Italy)
Trail del Collio 22 km: Trail Friuli Venezia Giulia (22 trails of Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Minitrail del Collio 8 km: Trofeo Provincia di Gorizia (cross and trails of Gorizia province)

It will be very nice for us to join slovenian circuits too in 2016. Who can help me about this?
This year you will be able to subscribe on Sunday too, in the Expo area placed in the center of Cormons (Gorizia).

Thanks so much for you help and... hope to see you the 19th of April in Cormons with this nice Ecomarathon crossing the Slovenian & Italian border.

Sporting Regards,
Dear all,
next days we will include our Brda-Collio ecomarathon in UISP calendar. UISP means "Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti" and it will permit to register foreign athletes without the RUNCARD. Next days we will remove the RUNCARD as basic requirement to participate to our marathon. You will be free to sign to Brda-Collio ecomarathon sending to iscrizioni@maratonacittadelvino.it these details:
1. Name, surname and date of birth
2. You're ok with the medical certificate

You will not be charged of extra-fees regarding RUNCARD that means +30 euros.
Hope this news will be appreciate!
Please run to http://www.ecomaratonadelcollio.it

Sporting Regards,
Michele Menotti
ASD Maratona delle città del vino