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Welcome to the Forum of the Slovenian alpine marathon.
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Organisation comittee of SAM.

Begruessen sie das Forum des Slovenian Alpenmarathons. Das ganze Thema verbunden mit laufen/ultralaufen, und andere aenliche Sportarten koennen hier besprochen werden. Wir werden uns freuen, auf alle Fragen verbunden mit dem Slovenian Alpenmarathon zu beantworten. Organisation komitee SAM.
Hi Milan,

Thank you for transferring me to the 50km race. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm used to running up hills, but not mountain passes! Is it advisable to have some walking poles? I have some already just in case, but wondered how necessary they are. Looking at the profile of the race it would seem they are!

Just wondered your opinion on that.

Thank you
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Hi Ryan,

Poles are usefull for the mountain part of the race. (from km 16,- start of the 35k race in Tržič). Some of the runners are using them mostly for the sharp ascents. You can leave (or take them) on the check points in
Tržič(km16), Kofce (km24,4) or Dolga Njiva(km 35).
Anyway , you can take them with you to Slovenia and decide here how and when to use it.

Hi Milan!

Do you know yet, in which time is the next Slovenian alpine marathon? We have planned to come there, if everything (training and so on) goes well.

I guess that, it is at the same time than Moscow marathon, which is 10th septemper.

When you know, could you please inform me, Thank you!


jp from Finland
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Hi jp

The next SAM is planned for saturday 09.09.2006.
You will be informed also with the newsletter in the begin of year 2006.

With sport greetings
Hi again Milan and thank you for the fast answer!
I´ll waiting the newsletter.



I am interesting in forming an English Team for 2006 event, (amteaur club runners). I have just a couple of questions:

(1) Do runners get a medal when they finish? ( I am more likely to get more interest if you do! )
(2) Is there a time limit?
(3) Do we need sticks????

We are all runner with different fitness levels, but compete long and adventure distances looking for a new challenge, though this looked idea

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Hello runner from England,

Here are my answers to your questions:

The runners have not got a medal when they finish(up to now), but they get a certificate with printed name, time, distance. The certificate is stored in waterprof plastic. You can see an example here:


Besides this all the participants get a CD ROM with all pictures and movies
from the race.
We sent all this stuf to the runners some weeks after the race.
Off course the best of the runners get the medals and the cups.

-There is no time limit for 10km run.
-There is time limit for 35km which is set to 7hours 30min, but we can tolerate also later arrivals (up to 8hours 30min). But up to now nobody needed more than 6hours 30min. We reccomend the 35km race for runners with lower fitness level.
-There is time limit for 50km and it is set to 8hours30min. According to our expiriances this time limit should not be a problem for runners who are able to run a classicall marathon under 5 hours. We are reserving the right to eliminate the runner from the race if it is estimated that the runner should not able to finish in time limit.

The 50km runners do not need the sticks for the first 16k. After the moutain part of the race is started the stick are usefull. But not all of the runners are using it. This depends of the runners condition too.
The sticks are useful for the 35km run (mountain part).
The organiser has (and will) provide the transport of teh lugagge (and also the sticks) from start (50k) to Trzic(start of 35k) and also from the checking points from the mountains.
But most of the best runnesr do not use the sticks. So it is your decision.

And finally some fact about SAM:
Why is SAM the best?

-because the runners are the most important for us
-because we have a lot of participants from abroad
-because the race results are tranmitted online in internet and to finish place
-because a different distances are offered for different runners
-because the best Slovenian and foreign runners like to participate on
-because pre and post race pasta party is organised for all participants
-because the showers and massage are offered on the finish
-because we take care of the security
-because we organise the transportation of the runners and the luggage
-because more and more ladies are participating every year
-because everybody get a marathon present and start number with printed name of the runner
-because everybody get multimedia CD with photos and certificate
-because we have a funny speaker
-beacuse the weather is always nice :D

I am looking forward to seeing you in Slovenia

Hi Milan,

Thanks for your detailed response.

My husband and I plan on taking part in the 35km race next year. We have already been to Slovenia twice, our last visit was in October when we competed in the LJUBLJANA half marathon. We also spent a couple of weeks in Bled in the Summer, you live in a beautiful country.

We are also visiting in Feb 06 for a weeks ski-ing, in Bohinj!

I am advertising the race within my running group at home, for next September and so far I have had alot of interest. So hopefully there should be a good group of us competing. As our moutains do not compare to yours, is there anything you can recommend for training? (Other than hills and more hills of course!)

:lol: Thanks again for all the information, Elizabeth
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Your mountains can not compare to ours, true, but are steep enough for effective training 8). And after all Scottish mountains are quite an experience in the weather changing all the time ... :roll: One can get lost in the fog ... in no time at all. :shock: (Which area are you from, by the way? :?: )
My recommendation for training :idea: : do not train too hard - we might be rivals in 35 next year! :twisted:
Hi Milan, 8)

The Easy jet flights are now out for September 2006 so I will be advertising the race to my running, club. My husband and I will be booking our accommodation/flights soon and then our entry places.

Do you know if we can get the train from the Croatian Coast? We were thinking of taking part in the Budapest Half Marathon the week before for a warm up and then relaxing on the coast for a week before coming into Slovenia to take part in the race. Are the train trips feasible, or are we just crazy? The other option is to hire a car? We are not sure how long this would take.

I have tried checking out the websites, but they are not very useful, just wondered if you had any local knowledge you could pass on? Many thanks if you can and have a great Christmas. Is it snowing yet? I can't wait for Feb when we are on the slopes!

Lizzy :D :D
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Hello Lizzy,

The train connections are possible, but a little slowly). If you have enough time the it is OK. To explore Slovenia I would reccomend you to rent a car.

There are some data about the train connections:
http://www.slo-zeleznice.si/en/internat ... nal_links/

Train IC Citadella (Ljubljana<-> Budapest)

Ljubljana ( 7.40) Budapest (16.19)
Budapest Deli (12.55) , Ljubljana ( 21.31)

There are train connection to Rijeka, Opatija & Pula from Ljubljana train station

Ljubljana - Opatija - Rijeka
Ljubljana 6:20 14:55
Opatija-Matulji 8:39 17:17
Rijeka 8:50 17:28

Rijeka - Opatija - Ljubljana
Rijeka 12:58 20:45
Opatija-Matulji 13:09 20:56
Ljubljana 15:25 23:22

Ljubljana - Pula
Ljubljana 7:10
Pula 11:16

Pula - Ljubljana
Pula 18:03
Ljubljana 22:19

It is not snowing yet but there is a lot of snow in Slovenia right now.
(much more than in years before)
:) Hi Milan,


We are booked on on our flights and we have registered for the race. So no going back now, here is to a happy year of training for the big one in September!!

We have decided to cut out Croatia and just visit the coast in Slovenia instead in between races. I see that you already have a few English runners taking part in the 35km, some mean competition no doubt.

Hope all is well and no doubt speak soon, as you are speedy with your replies. We are busy now planning our training schedule.